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Carpet Cleaning in Mansfield

Air Duct Cleaning in Mansfield, Arlington and DFWIndoor Air Quality

The air conditioning and ventilation system in your home can attract a variety of contaminants that can make you and your family sick. Dirty air ducts and vents from your heating and cooling system circulate pollutants such as pet dander, fungus, dust, bacteria, and more throughout your home. This could complicate problems with asthma and allergies.

Ensure that the air you breathe is free from allergens, airborne bacteria and dust. With the help of our trained experts, you and your family can not only breathe easier, but your HVAC system will run more efficient saving you money! Call All Expert Restoration today for our Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning Package. We can also clean your dyer vents!


We differ from most companies in this industry. We clean your COMPLETE system and clean your ducts from the register all the way to the air handler. Most companies use a vacuum with a brush on the end to get as far into the duct as possible. This method will only go to the first bend in the duct and stop. If they try to force it, it will damage your ducts by splitting or will puncture a hole and you may never be aware of this! As seen in the photo below, we use a more effective process that will NOT damage your ducts in any way. We attach an external duct to a very powerful negative “hepa-vac” machine which extracts all dust and debris. You can see what it removes through the clear duct attached the machine. Then we run an air hose through each duct that blows all remaining dust and debris to the machine. Our entire process can take 8-12 hours to complete. You can be assured that your entire system and all components will be clean which in-turn will make your system run more efficient!

A.E.R.’s Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning Package

Other packages available. Call today for a quote. 817-905-6767

We are based in the Mansfield, TX area but can travel anywhere in the DFW and surrounding areas. Read reviews of many of the thousands of happy customers of All Expert Restoration!