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Carpet Cleaning in Mansfield

5 valuable tips to help maintain your carpet, tile, and wood floors

1918312_121205521223240_3390958_nAt All Expert Restoration, we believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets. No other service cleans more thoroughly, or protects your investment better than our state-of-the art steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction. Our company is the only preferred cleaning service recommended by many real estate agents including Dennis Henson, and Brandi Wright,  one of the top Real Estate trainers/brokers in the Arlington TX  and Mansfield TX area.  We only use the most powerful truck-mounted equipment available, along with the best and most safe products for your carpet. Our process will leave absolutely no residue, and drying time usually takes 4-6 hours. We offer many other services also. ck our website for further info. www.allexpertrestoration.com  Proud member of the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce! Providing the best carpet cleaning Mansfield, TX and all of Tarrant county and surrounding areas!


  • Frequent vacuuming: Carpet should be vacuumed frequently even if it looks like it does not need it. Dirt will always penetrate carpet getting down into carpet fibers. Dirt is an abrasive and can act like sandpaper. Every time you step on carpet, dirt gets grinded into carpet fibers, causing the carpet to wear out much faster.  Note: while frequent vacuuming does help, it is not enough to put off having your carpet professionally steam cleaned. You cannot buy a vacuum that is as powerful as a truck-mounted cleaning unit.
  • Door mats: Always have good door mats at all doors that enter home-not cheap mats. If you allow people to walk on your carpet with shoes, you need to have mats that scrub shoes very well to remove dirt. It’s always a good idea to have shoes removed, because pollens, fungus, bacteria, and even cigarette smoke can be tracked into your home even if you don’t smoke! This is another good reason to have your carpets cleaned the right way!
  • Carpet stretching: You should always make sure your carpet is not loose. If your carpet is not well- stretched, this will make carpet wear faster in heavy traffic areas. Carpet repair Mansfield, TX  and all surrounding areas.
  • Spot cleaning: Beware of store-bought cleaners. Most of these will leave too much residue in the carpet which will cause bleach spots. Hot water in a spray bottle with a drop of liquid dish soap should work most of the time. Whatever you may use, rising the area thoroughly is the key.
  • Tile and Wood floors: It is very important that you do not use any product with a wax or shine. For tile floors, mix 3 parts hot water, with one part bleach. For Wood floors, the “steam&vac” cleaners with buffing pads work well just using a bit of hot water, making sure not to over-wet the floor. Sweep and vacuum all floors before cleaning.



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