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5 tips to prevent water damage in your home

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Dear Valued Customer: Here are some tips to prevent water damage in your home. If you do happen to experience water damage in your home, please DONT HESITATE TO CALL US!  We will respond quick to start getting your house back in order. We can work with your insurance company and bill them direct in most situations. If you call your insurance company first, please remember you can use any company of YOUR choosing. If they try to send a certain company, it is usually for THEIR benefit…beware… we will work with your adjustor to get you everything you are entitled to!1. Cover and wrap all outside faucets and pipes in cold weather. If you own a vacant house, or are moving in, make sure your hvac/heater is NOT turned off and all vents are open!2. Replace your washer hoses with steel-braided hoses ( $10-12 from hardware store)

3. Flush water heater every 6-8 months. Simply connect a garden hose to the bottom of your water heater, direct outside, and open valve. Let water flow for about 20-30 min. You will probably see sediment coming out of hose!

4. Replace any faulty parts that do not operate correctly on your toilets. ​Toilets that run randomly, leak into bowl constantly, or do not flush properly can cause a flood in your home.

5. Turn all water off when you are away on vacation. This is easily done by turning valve off at the street with a pair of pliers. Remember that all water going to your home is under constant pressure via all pipes. Many of our flood calls are from returning homeowners after a vacation.


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